Why Some Children Fear Even the Smallest Dogs

The object of a child’s fear can be many different things… from the monster under the bed to dentists to different kinds of animals. 

While many view dogs as a loveable family pet, dogs are a common fear amongst kids. It may be the size of a dog for some little ones, but for many, this extends to all dogs, even the smallest ones.

Phobias and fears are a complex topic. The reasons behind them can be difficult to understand… even for those experiencing the fear!

So why dogs? There are a few reasons your child might fear these four legged creatures:

Fears Can Be Taught

While dogs are friendly creatures a majority of the time, every parent knows of the potential they have to turn nasty.

As a result, it is instinctual for some parents to encourage their children to avoid dogs that they don’t know or pull them away from any that they pass.

For children, experiencing their parent’s reluctance for them to be near dogs sends the sign that they are something to be wary of. Pair this with a scary bark, and it may be enough to develop a fear.

Fear From Past Experiences

As with many fears and phobias, they often arise from a bad experience in the past.

These events may even be quite harmless or insignificant for any spectator to them. However, if a particularly excitable dog bounds up to a smaller child, this can be quite a scary experience, especially if they are excited enough to push them over.

Other times, play fighting can go a bit too far and some kids end up with a very real bite. 

On occasion, a particularly aggressive dog can scare a child enough to leave them with a fear of dogs for life.

The team at Brighthouse know all about fears… we have quite a few of our own! 

However, we would love to help your little ones navigate their way through the world and all the scary things out there. Our childcares provide safe and nurturing environments for your children to play and grow. 

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