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Our Philosophy

Behind the inspiring play and never-ending adventure you’ll find robust principles and philosophies that guide every careful decision we make.


Trusted Educators

Our trusted team of educators has been thoughtfully handpicked for their dedication to early learning, everlasting patience and supportive nature.


A Home Away From Home

Our centre is so much more than a place to play. It’s a place where little ones can feel safe, nurtured and supported to flourish into their very best.

Our Philosophy

There is no greater responsibility and honour than caring for children during their early years of life. That’s why we’ve taken the time to carve out philosophies that guide us through our decisions and plans.

Joy in Learning

The years spent in day-care set the foundations for the years to come. We aim to fill learning with joy, equipping children with a love for education they can carry through school.

The Children of Tomorrow

To navigate the complexities of the modern world, our children need to acquire so much. It is our goal to inspire the wisdom, compassion and decision-making skills they need to thrive.

Trusted Team of Educators

Joining our team means so much more than locking in a job. It means joining a family-style community and taking on the immense responsibility of caring for our next generation. For this role, only a special few can fill the shoes.

Attention to Detail

Our team of educators have eyes in the back of their heads and flawless attention to detail. Nothing gets overlooked or forgotten with their loving guidance.


We understand that it takes many years of experience to juggle a room full of little ones. Our team members have full resumes and ample professionalism.

A Home Away From Home

Carefully designed to inspire joy, children fall in love with our centre from the moment they arrive. Our harmonious setting provokes play-based learning in a safe and supportive environment.

Parental Involvement

To increase contentment and connectivity, parental involvement is welcomed and encouraged at Brighthouse. This is one of the reasons our sense of community is so strong.

Individual Care

Our little ones have all the tools they need to flourish into their very best, but most of all, they have individualised care. We get to know them closely and tailor the attention we give them accordingly.

There’s so much more to Brighthouse Early Learning Centre than we can put into words. Contact us to find out more or arrange a personal tour.

Centre Locations

Join us at one of our Melbourne locations; South Morang or Armstrong Creek.


We understand you may have many questions and invite you to get in touch.